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Products: Bell ExpressVu Equipment and Programming

Expressvu Satellite TV

Expressvu Satellite TV

Discover Bell Express

VuExpressVu™ is Canada’s leader in Digital Television. It’s a whole new world of entertainment. A world of digital-quality picture and sound, of outstanding choice, of TV more interactive and excititng that you ever thought possible. Simply put, TV is just better with ExpressVu!

Exceptional Quality

100% digital service

Crystal-clear picture and sound, featuring the Dolby® Digital experience on select programming

Plus, ExpressVu service is Canada’s #1 source for High Definition content

More High Definition channels than anyone else

Complete Choice and Control

  • Choose from over 400 channels and 16 Theme Packs
  • Time Shifting feature on Canadian networks at no extra cost
  • Parental locks – control what your kids watch
  • The most HD sports available

Innovative Features

Add these innovative features from ExpressVu service and take TV even further:

  • Personal Video Recorder – Watch what you want, when you want! Pause, rewind and replay live TV. Digitally record up to 180 hours of programming
  • Electronic Programming Guide lets you channel surf and watch at the same time
  • Interactive TV – Interactive sports, news programming and more
  • Video Games – A wide variety of interactive games you can play using your remote. For kids of all ages.


Discover the Advanced Features of ExpressVu Equipment

Discover the Advanced Features of ExpressVu Equipment

ExpressVu™ service makes TV better with a 100% digital signal, crystal clear picture and sound and outstanding choice and control. ExpressVu believes in giving its subscribers choice and offers two different ways to get to ExpressVu systems and receivers:


You can choose to purchase your systems and/or receivers for a low, one-time price


You can choose to rent, for as little as $5.53/month. Renting may be right for you if you have multiple TVs in your household or want to add a Personal Video Recorder or HD TV receiver for your home. PLUS, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty on your equipment for as long as you continue to rent



PVR System

PVR System

Don't miss a moment of live TV! Watch it, pause it, rewind it and watch it again with the touch of a button. This is a refurbished fully warranted product.
The PVR allows you to record up to 80 hours of continuous digital TV with no videotapes to worry about no need for a VCR! And because everything is recorded digitally, you get perfect picture and sound reproduction. You'll never have to miss a moment of live TV again!

  • Enter a keyword (actor, topic or title) and the programming guide will search for your program.
  • Take advantage of Interactive TV services: games, trivia, weather forecasts, etc.

HD System

HD System

The HDTV System –  You need an HD receiver and programming to see true HD.  With up to 10x the picture resolution of standard cable, you’ll never look at TV the same way again.  The HD system switches seamlessly between standard and high definition programming.  No one has more HD programming than ExpressVu. 

  • Picture and sound that will make you feel like you're in a cinema.
  • Get actual theatre-level Dolby Digital 5.1 if it's programmed into a show soundtrack.
  • Shift to the time zone of your preference with time shifting feature.